My Blog is Dead

•June 16, 2012 • Leave a Comment

Look at that, another year of silence.
I might as well give this up. I am not one of those who has kept a diary. I am not a blogger.. I will still hope that this place will be reborn later on, but for now I have to focus on reuniverse and pmp.
bai for now

Thoughts From Youtube lvl1

•August 23, 2011 • Leave a Comment

Hello blog.
First off, these “thoughts from…” blogs of mine have started to pop up every now and then during the past 6 months. I know you wonder what’s up with that. Well, John Green, Author and “youtube celebrity” does these these vlogs called “thoughts from places” as he travels the world – they are awesome. So I want to the same sort of blogs, the difference being, I’m not a professional author, so my wording will never come to his level. Anyway, YouTube.

New features is Google’s middle name. And this new feature “Reactions” is somehow confusing me at the moment. Each video now has a reaction option, where you can choose from a preset “feeling or reaction” that you get from watching the video. This is cool, but the choices available are really, really, weird. Here they are:
* Funny
* Incredible
* Classic
* Cute
* What?
* Ouch
AND THAT’S IT. Apparently, according to Google, these are the only reactions one can get from watching a video on you tube. I’m not sure if I’m alone in this world in thinking that the human brain has a couple more “Reactions” wired up in its network. Like “Interesting”, “Powerful”, “Meaningful”, “Educative”, and other such phrases that implies that the author of the video is actually doing something important, and not just “Incredible” music videos, “Funny” skits, “classic” (uh?), “Cute” cat videos, “What?” nonsense, or “Ouch” skateboard tricks.
To me, this is proof of how the world sees YouTube and new media, even Google – as it seems. It’s a ridiculous thing to be irritated by, but none the less, a rather interesting evidence of the mindset of the internet generation (Generation Z).

Thoughts from Summer

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Hello blog.
It’s been a great first year at the Music Production program @ Linnaeus University. And I’ve grown lots!
I’ve been thinking a lot about my future in the business and how to implement my knowledge and experience most efficiently in practice.
I’ve come to a few conclusions:
Platonist has got to end when I get my degree. I need to move on. I am therefore announcing my next album to be the last.
I know – in public I haven’t released an album since 2007, BUT believe me there are 3 more that have been released offline.
They will also be put on the map alongside the last album (you’ve heard most of the songs on those already, but without context).
When Platonist ends, Platonist Music will probably become some kind of business that I will try to run on the side of my hopefully-in-effect job.
Reunion will not cease to exist though – it might stop remind you of a tracker music label from the 90’s, but it won’t stop being a label. That’s for sure.
For as long as there is Jonas Loman, there will be

This conclusion has been re-thought multiple times during the course of this year. And now, I’m so confident about my decision that I am actually willing to talk to you, my blog, about it.
Goodbye Blog, Catch ya next time.

Protagonist Closure

•April 30, 2011 • Leave a Comment

Hello Blog! This weekend, Protagonist Records says bye-bye.
No need to panic. You can still buy all their shit in 24 hours before the door closes. And even then – the free catalog of protagonist has secretly been R_CHiVED by me. So, as soon as I get that project started, structure will return to the earth.
In other news, SGX’ final single off of Wonderful Bite has been released on reunion today. Woo! Time for some big beat!

Mixed Jockey Thoughts

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Hello blog.
I recently started thinking of the term “DJ”. And it hit me that many DJ’s actually never “rides” and discs anymore to perform their sets.
As the word refers to a vinyl, or later, a CD. Today’s file based music really doesn’t apply to the term anymore. Some people argue File Jockey. but “EFF-JAY” ? WTF, that doesn’t sound good enough – the term “VJ” works in the sense that ‘V’ and ‘D’ rhyme. Some argue that DJ still stands because of the Hard Drive – it’s actually a DISC, isn’t it? GOOD! But, the future is close and Static State Drives without any moving parts, like a disc, are on the rise. So as soon as that transition is complete – the term DJ becomes invalid again.
A pointless yet interesting discussion is ahead of us.
Think about it!

New Plato Track Released…

•April 2, 2011 • Leave a Comment

Well yes.
I started working on this track way back in 2009, around the same time as Beaten I Musiken was finished. It’s been a long road of back and forth ideas and productions. The last step towards the finished product was pretty easy, though. I was just too stressed out to do it in time for scheduled dead-line. As usual… ^^

Anyway, it’s up and I’m pretty satisfied with the result.

With Firefox 4 and without reunion…

•March 30, 2011 • Leave a Comment

Hello blog.
I just installed firefox4 and I feel … transferred – and finally set for the milestone of a new decade.
So many things, digitally and analogously, have recently been changing around here. New super-modern computer, new super-modern cell-phone/portable computer. Full HD Monitor. M-audio sound card and KRK speakers. Everything just fell into place when FF4 launched and now… I finally feel modernized. 2010’s here we come.

… hmm (/excessive ranting).

Busy university life, wisdom-teeth removal, family & friends = Reunion gets set aside. And that has been more and more common lately. And to those, who still live in the dark and full-heatedly still trust me to post new music every week on Reunion, i have to say “I’m Sorry!”
I have music piled up for release but no time for it. I’ll try to put together a release tomorrow AND on Friday, just to make you happy.

And the labels fall… :O
In other news, bad or worse. I’ve heard that my friends over at Subco & Protagonist have thrown in the towel for their labels. SGX says that he’ll keep the name to distribute his own music via beatport, iTunes and what-not. But that protagonist records as we know it is more or less dead. That’s a little sad.
cadra’s label has, however, been more or less inactive for the past 5 years, so there’s no surprise there. But just to show him your appreciation – head on over to and download their discography. (2000-2009 : long-running project finally ends *sheds tear*)


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